Angel Number Necklace

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Color 14k Gold Fill
Size 16"
Style Simple Chain

Add a touch of heavenly charm with our Angel Number Necklace. Angel numbers are a repetitive number sequences that continue to appears in our everyday life, capturing our attention and inspiring moments when we feel universal wonder and magic. Each shiny gold-filled or sterling silver disc is hand-stamped with your personal angel number for a unique and meaningful piece. Our Angel Number Necklace is perfect for everyday wear or as a thoughtful gift.



Zero represents new beginnings. If you see this pattern of numbers, it could signify that you're about to start something new so don't be afraid to make big decisions that are moving you closer to exactly where you want to be.

111 or 1111

One's are a powerful manifestation symbol. If you see a series of ones, know that this is your time to be setting intensions, making wishes and opening your awareness to the signs and signals of the universe. You are completely supported by your angels or guides and now is the time to actualize your dreams.


Seeing two's is a symbol that you're heading in the right direction. Laying the groundwork for a bright future can take patience and trust and this number is a little nudge from our angels to keep going. It signals that someone in the spiritual or physical realm is helping you get to where you need to go and now is a great time to collaborate or form new and harmonious partnerships.


A pattern of 3s is a sign to lean into our innate talents and strengths, taking steps (or leaps!) towards our dreams. Your spiritual guides and the universe has your back and are there to support you in opportunities where your creativity and insights are calling you.


This number is a reminder that your angels are near and that you are in the process of cultivating a foundation that is meant to last. If you're seeing this number during difficult or low times, it can reassure you that you are moving in the right direction. Alternately, if you're experiencing extra blessings or good fortune, you can know that your angles likely had a hand in it.  


This angel number can signal a big shift in life. Perhaps you're experiencing a growth spurt or transition which can be exhilarating and filled with joy– or alternately, it can be painful and scary. If the latter is true, picture the symbolic Phoenix rising up from the ashes after the fire and know that your angels are waiting for you on the other side, ready to help you rebuild or start anew.  


A number that reminds us to bring beauty and balance into our lives. This number may appear when you are craving stability or healing energy, encouraging you to let go of what no longer serves you. When you see this number pattern, your angels are surrounding you with grounding, nurturing energy to help you move through difficult times, reminding you that everything happens for a reason. 


Lucky angel number seven represents spiritual good fortune. Divine guidance is leading you when you surrender and trust in the path you are on. This powerful and mystical number is connected to intuition and spiritual revelations and is a signal that a positive windfall may be coming your way. Align with your higher calling and be open to all of the possibilities, luck is on your side.


Angel number 8 signifies taking power back in areas where you've lost it. Much like the infinity symbol, 8 can remind us to bring balance back into our life. This number represents prosperity and encourages us to move forward with confidence, aligning our heart with our head. In doing so, we can invite connection and abundance into our lives with gratitude and harmony. 


Angel number 9 signifies completion and new beginnings. By trusting in the process of life, we're better able to move through obstacles with fluidity and grace. This number encourages us to pause and reflect on where we've been as we prepare to begin new chapters and expand our horizons, exploring unchartered territories that lie ahead.  

14k gold fill or sterling silver
16", 18", or 20" lengths with 1" extender clasp
Choose from our Simple Chain or Cosette Chain
Disc measures 5/8" in diameter
Hypoallergenic, waterproof and nickel free

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We use 14k gold fill and sterling silver metals that are hypoallergenic and waterproof.

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