meet the team

It takes the whole team to keep everything running smoothly at Token! Everyone here is passionate about jewelry and making your shopping experience the best possible.


Sarah willger, owner/designer

Sarah purchased her first set of bench tools, wire and a bench block in 2005, wanting to create her own pair of earrings after falling in love with a strand of Labradorite gemstones. What began as a part-time passion has now grown into a dynamic and evolving local business.

She'll usually be seen drinking a Diet Coke or a lavender latte, and playing Sylvan Esso radio in the shop!

randi jo, general manager

RJ has been involved with Token since the very early days of art crawls + pop-ups. She then transitioned into marketing + photography, and is now our first General Manager managing our crew of 25 employees and growing! RJ is fueled at work each day by her individual connections with each employee.

Two of her favorite things at work are conducting employee evaluations and our weekly team leadership meeting!

RJ loves pops of color so it's no surprise that her absolute favorite piece of Token jewelry is the Nomad Ring!

operations + fulfillment

Alicia, Fulfillment Manager / Customer Service Specialist

Giving is Alicia's love language! She's worked previously at a Holistic Wellness office for 17+ years, and customer service/care are her expertise. She's now been at Token for 2+ years. Alicia thrives in making people feel special with gifts for loved ones or gifting love to yourself!  

Her favorite piece of jewelry is any statement earring or statement ring 

Alicia's favorite part of working here is having an amazing group of people to work with! "I couldn't do it without the entire team's efforts and communication"

She's usually drinking Bubbl'r, and she enjoys the combination of music genres that her coworkers stream in her office!

Anna, Operations & Supply Chain Analyst

Anna is from Woodbury, Minnesota and is a senior at UW Eau Claire majoring in OSCM with a minor in marketing.

Her current favorite piece of jewelry from Token is the Coquette Bow Earrings

Her favorite part of working here is working on spreadsheets, and her playlist of choice while working is oldies.

Ella, order fulfillment

Ella is a sophomore graphic communications major at UWEC. She loves all forms of art and working at Token inspires her to stay creating! 

Her favorite jewelry piece is her Pacifica ring! Her favorite part of working at Token is getting to be around amazing, inspiring women. It’s inspiring getting to learn so much from them and how small businesses operate.

Her drink of choice while working is 7 brew coffee.

marketing team

lexi, brand manager

Lexi is an Eau Claire native and has worked at Token for over two years. She leads the marketing team with her knowledge of the brand, photography, and email design.

Her current favorite jewelry piece is the Alexandra Toggle Necklace.

She loves iced decaf caramel lattes, Bubbl'r and is always craving fruit!

Hannah, marketing graphic designer

Hannah has lived in Eau Claire since her college days at UWEC where she studied graphic design and marketing. She loves Token because it's a constantly changing and creative environment where she can utilize all of her skills.

Her favorite piece from Token is currently a necklace she made at the charm bar!

She always has a beverage (or two) on hand, most often a matcha latte, Bubbl'r, or a decaf iced Americano with oat milk.

erin, photographer & content creator

Erin is from Ladysmith, Wisconsin and loves all things creative. She has experience in photography, art direction, graphic design and is now Token's newest content creator.

Her favorite piece from Token is currently the Rising Tide Ring.

Her favorite part of working here is seeing all the beautiful, handcrafted jewelry that's made every day.

halle, marketing specialist

Halle was born and raised in Eau Claire, and is currently attending the University of Wisconsin Stout, and has a passion of helping others thrive.

Her favorite piece of jewelry from Token is the Capri Chain.

Halle's favorite part of working here is working with her best friends!

She’s is a Dr. Pepper fanatic and likes to listen to BFF’s Podcast while working.

liza, content creator

Liza started out as a summer intern at Token and was then hired on to continue creating her engaging and high-quality content she brings to the brand.

She’s usually drinking Starbucks, and wearing the Valerie Hoops!

The makers

Molly, production manager

Molly went to school for sculpture, but has fallen in love with the jewelry making process.

Her favorite piece of jewelry from Token is the Form Studs!

Molly's favorite part of working at Token is working on tiny pieces of art that can make a person feel beautiful and important.

She loves to listen to any song that brings out a good story from a coworker and snack on Diet Coke and cheez-its.

Kenzie, lead maker

Kenzie is an old soul at heart, trying to embrace her childlike joys and spreading love each day.

Her favorite piece of jewelry from Token is any statement earring. Her favorite part of working here is being surrounded by such strong, talented, + creative women.

You'll usually find her with Louie by her side and a warm mug in hand.

Tara, maker

Any piece of jewelry that has a heart is Tara's favorite, because it reflects how everyone at Token puts their heart into making our jewelry!

Plus being surrounded by all the gorgeous pieces brings out the "happy" in her!

Tara drinks a lot of Coke Zero while working along with her staple of nuts and a granola bar.

gabz, maker

Gabz grew up in Eau Claire and has been involved in local conservation for years. Her favorite piece from Token is the Alex Chain Studs.

"Working at Token is all around amazing, so it's hard to pick just one thing!"

She loves listening to podcasts or Billy Strings while she works.

Hannah, maker

Hannah is a happy human in a beautiful world, doing what lights her soul on fire. She likes to make any kind of ring. She loves working with art and being surrounded by beautiful, empowering women and dogs :)

She lives on tea + kind bars and loves listening to podcasts or reggae while working.

Zoey, maker

Zoey grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and moved to Eau Claire with her partner over the summer. She's been making jewelry for about 6 years. Her favorite pieces to make are any wire-wrapped pieces such as the Kai Necklace and the Floating Pearl Earrings.

Her favorite things about working at Token are how positive and loving everyone is and getting to make jewelry full time (which is her favorite hobby), learning new techniques from very talented makers.

Her favorite drink is a lavender or pumpkin chai and her favorite snack is fruit of cashews. She loves to listen to any true crime podcasts or her go-to chill playlist.

Diana, maker

Reiki Master, yoga teacher, mother of 2 teens and a doodle, and loves nature and home cooked meals!

Her favorite Token piece is the Moonstone Droplet Necklace.

She loves the creative atmosphere of Token, and will always be seen with her water with electrolytes, listening to audiobooks, and eating Bobos snack bars.

kelly, maker

If Kelly isn't home with her family, you'll find her teaching art, making jewelry, or taking a yoga class.

Her favorite piece of Token jewelry is the Mini Staples.

She loves working with awesome, inspiring people and growing her jewelry making skills.

Kelly basically lives off of Propel flavor packets in her rainbow glass bottle. She never leaves home without it!

the stylists

Ana, shop manager

Ana has been working at Token Jewelry for 5 years this spring and has cherished the community she has found here.

Her favorite jewelry stack to wear is the Everly Monogram on the cosette chain paired with the Chain Link necklace.

She has found so much beauty in being a part of a small growing business and having the opportunity to grow alongside the company.

Ana will always have a matcha latte or chai latte in her hand and if you ask her what she wants for lunch, she will always say "Chipotle".

Avery, assistant shop manager

Avery lives in Strum, Wisconsin, and will be graduating in May from the Marketing program at Madison Area Tech College.

Her favorite piece of jewelry from Token is the Quinn Hoops.

She thinks the best part about working here is working with the amazing staff and customers!

While working, Avery will always have Diet Coke and fruit snacks on hand.

Kayley, stylist

Kayley is an iced coffee, Noah Kahan, and pearl jewelry enthusiast.

Her favorite jewelry pieces are the Trillium Pearl Drop Earrings/Coquette Bow Earrings.

Kayley loves chatting with people and helping their permanent jewelry dreams come to life!

Lydia, stylist

Lydia is from Burnsville, Minnesota. She's a junior at UWEC studying Elementary Education and will graduate in December!

Her favorite piece of jewelry from Token is the Alexandra Chain Necklace and her favorite part of working here is her coworkers!

Lydia loves anything Taylor Swift, Bubbl'r, and Cheezits.

roanne, stylist

Roanne loves dogs, jewelry, and making people laugh.

Her favorite piece of jewelry from Token is the Olivia Ring.

She loves working at Token and getting creative with people and building out their vision.

Her drink/playlist/snack of choice while working is 7brew coffee and Noah Kahan radio!

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